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Behind The Mic

Josh Hunter-Duvar

Show Host

Hello! I’m Josh. I’m sure a lot of you know me as Skippy from a long trail near you. I love hiking, biking, climbing, packrafting, and pretty much any excuse to get outside!

Paul Kent

Show Host

Hey, I’m Paul Kent! A lot of you may know me from the Long Treks on Skate Decks series. I’m an avid videographer, photographer, hiker, biker, longboarder and more. When I’m not getting lost in my work, I’m getting lost on the trail!

About Our Show

Well, to be honest, I tried to make this podcast once before but after one episode my than co-host, tapped out. Understandably so, our setup was terrible but more unfortunately because his life took a turn for the worst. We had one USB Microphone back then, the room wasn’t treated at all and it was a big space. I tried my best but it had little effect. The Podcast almost died there.

Maybe things happen for a reason, who knows? I met Paul on the Great Divide Trail here in Canada. He was really excited about a bridge he and the GDTA had recently built on the GDT. He was wearing a Joey Palante which soon dominated our conversation. You don’t see many Joey Palante packs in general but slim to none here in Canada. Unfortunately, it was getting dark and Paul and his partner Mel had to go. I knew then that he was a good candidate co-host.

That’s how the Ultralight Gear Podcast was born. A Splash of serendipity and love of ultralight gear. Join us as we get lost on and off the trail!

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