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Episode 3 | What’s in your pack? A pack off with Josh

In this episode, we talk shakedowns then jump into Josh’s pack. Then we debate the merits of poles for ultra lighters, let us know what you think in the...

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Episode 2 | Rain Jackets Vs Specs When Usability Can’t Be Easily Quantified

In this episode, we go over some archaic Canadian tent laws, the history of GoLite, discuss our mutual love of Arcteryx and talk about rain jackets Vs specs when...

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Episode 1 | Meet Josh and Paul

In this episode, we meet Josh and Paul, as they continually forget to talk about six moon designs. 

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Behind The Mic

Josh Hunter-Duvar

Show Host

Hello! I’m Josh. I’m sure a lot of you know me as Skippy from a long trail near you. I love hiking, biking, climbing, packrafting, and pretty much any excuse to get outside!

Paul Kent

Show Host

Hey, I’m Paul Kent! A lot of you may know me from the Long Treks on Skate Decks series. I’m an avid videographer, photographer, hiker, biker, longboarder and more. When I’m not getting lost in my work, I’m getting lost on the trail!

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